Cutting Edge Facilities

Construction Sites & Commercial Properties

Construction Sites and empty Commercial Properties are now prime targets for the criminal fraternity where the theft of valuable assets have become commonplace and increasingly the preferred option. Millions of pounds are lost through Theft and Vandalism and unauthorised Access throughout the UK every week, not to mention the crippling cost of delayed completion on Building Sites

Add to this the dangers of injury caused by unauthorised access and the mounting concerns of insurance companies become evident with year on year increased costs and with many losses deemed to be the responsibility of the owner or management.

Cutting edge is able to provide security systems to meet the demands of all sizes of Construction Sites and Commercial Properties from the one off self -build to major projects.

Manned Guards versus Alarmed Security.

The use of manned guards remains the standard method of guarding Construction Sites but is now under threat from the availability of new technology which not only ‘watches the site’ but also provides 24/7 security at a fraction of the cost of a static guard.

A Cutting Edge ‘ Video supported alarm’ requires no power or telephone line and provides a real time visual image delivered to our own Response Team or where required to a monitoring station who will decide if the police or response team should be alerted.

However it is not an either or situation but is often a combination of both where the requirements of economy and quality determine whether one or both are used.

Cutting Edge provides a free and detailed analysis of the site requirements and will provide a solution which ensures that maximum security is allied to the most efficient and cost effective means of protection.

They advise me when any additional maintenance issues have arisen, and I appreciate that as I need to rely on trusted contractors to keep me informed of potential problems which need to be rectified.

They always keep me informed of potential problems.