Cutting Edge Facilities

CCTV Installation and Maintenance

Cutting Edge Facilities is a leading provider of CCTV solutions to Local Authorities, Housing Associations, The Education Sector, NHS Trusts as well as the Industrial and Commercial Sectors.
Viewing locally or remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet, (broadband) either on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We don’t provide ‘Off the Shelf’ systems but examine the Customer’s Wish List and design a system which meets their requirements at the most competitive price. Satisfaction translated into recommendation is our most effective sales  delivery.

Our attention to detail and close interpretation of Client’s requirements is unmatched by larger CCTV companies.

Investment in training of our engineers creates an environment of competence which is reflected in Client satisfaction where we continually exceed expectation.

Maintenance is a key element in the extension of the working life of CCTV systems and Cutting Edge is able to not only offer Maintenance packages for their own installations but also for CCTV installed by others.

Similarly the need for fast response and elimination of ‘Down Time’ caused by a breakdown is recognised by Cutting Edge whose response time is measured in hours not in  days as is often the case with other companies.

The urgent requirement of CCTV installation can sometimes be delayed by many factors one of which is availability of funds at the time. Examine our Leasing Facility for an opportunity to not only install CCTV when it is most needed but also examine the economical benefits which Leasing can provide.

Cutting Edge Facilities have provided our company with an excellent monitoring service in the common areas of a block of social housing flats in Cardiff.