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Every day we receive calls from people wanting to rent a Mosquito Anti-loitering Device. People like you who are fed up with young people damaging their property, hanging around in rowdy groups, smoking and drinking, playing music and generally preventing you from enjoying your home or business.

You have tried talking to them. You have tried talking to their parents if you know them. Perhaps you have even wasted your time getting the police involved. Now you need to take matters in to your own hands in a way that does not involve any confrontation.

You as an individual have a legal right to peaceful enjoyment of your property or business and The Mosquito Anti-Loitering Device is the most effective and benign way of getting rid of the problem.

The Mosquito device is the only product on the market that has the teeth to bite back. The Mosquito alarm works not by being loud and painful, but by being UNBELIEVABLY annoying to the point where the nunsance groups CANNOT stay in the area being covered by the mosquito sound.

The Mosquito device is 100% legal to hire and requires no planning permissions.

If you want to reclaim your right to a peaceful existence, rent your Mosquito Anti-Loitering Device now!