Cutting Edge Facilities

Access Control & Door Entry

For over 15 years Cutting Edge Facilities has recognised and embraced the rapid and on going developments in the field of Access Control and Door Entry Systems.

Continuous training and close relationships with major suppliers ensures Cutting Edge Facilities remains a proven supplier and maintainer of quality Access Control and Door Entry Systems.

Access Control

From single occupancy to multi occupancy Access Control Systems will manage the authorised passage of personnel. Advanced technology is the Norm including simple stand alone systems to more advanced PC based systems involving cards, fobs, or biometrics such as fingerprint , retina readers or other computer led controls.

We are installers of most major brands of access control including, Paxton, Entrotec, Stanley, PAC and our operatives attend training programmes to ensure optimum results.

Door Entry

Audio and Video door entry systems allow speech and or vision contact between a visitor wishing to gain entry and the person inside the building who is able to remotely release the lock mechanism from the safety of the handset.

Whether you want a single entrance door entry control or multiple entrances, Cutting Edge Facilities can provide the right system at the right price.

They have provided me with a competitively priced, efficient and reliable service and I would like to place on record my personal thanks.

An efficient and reliable service.