Security Systems to Maximise Protection

Security Systems Cardiff Monitored Alarms

Using a range of individual and combined measures including CCTV, Video Alarms and Security Guards, Cutting Edge Security is able to provide a complete security system. These commercial security systems are tailored exactly to the clients requirements both in performance and costs. From integrated security systems in Cardiff to social housing property security and monitored alarms systems throughout South Wales.

Commercial Empty Property Protection

Empty Properties whether a hotel in Bridgend or a commercial building in Cardiff are natural targets for the criminal fraternity. Particularly, with theft of metal, boilers and other items able to be re-sold. Similarly, the dangers associated with inquisitive children cannot be overemphasised. Insurance claims are increasingly being judged on evidence of measures taken to protect empty properties. Therefore, we install many commercial security alarm systems in Cardiff and business security systems throughout South Wales.

Remote or Unmanned Sites

CCTV Towers have become the “Go To” solution for security of remote locations or unmanned construction sites. The absence of power or telecommunications is no longer a barrier. There’s also cutting edge activation with a 10 second video clip for near real time feedback to our monitoring station which is supported by our rapid response team. Ask us about our monitored alarm systems in South Wales.

Here, an unauthorised entry using our commercial security systems in Cardiff to trigger an immediate action by Cutting Edge’s Response Team. Our monitored alarm systems in South Wales ensure a rapid response.

videofied Security Systems

Social Housing Empty Property Security

Video Alarm Systems help to protect empty Social Housing properties in Cardiff and throughout South Wales. Cutting Edge Security has fitted hundreds of CCTV Video Alarm Systems throughout Cardiff and South Wales. The 110db sounder is supported with a camera which not only prevents false alarms but also provides identification for possible police use. Ask us about our CCTV for social housing in Cardiff and throughout South Wales.

Manned Guard

SIA Qualified Guards provide 24/7 security. For example, on site for a specific duration, irregular checks or combined with CCTV to provide a complete monitored security solution.

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Key Benefits

Empty Property Temporary Security

Webeye is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip together with the alarm notification utilising a complete video alarm system to protect empty properties.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Cutting Edge Security has been at the forefront in fighting Anti-Social behaviour for many decades. We have worked with several organisations to address and provide solutions for social housing providers, property managers as well as the police.

Construction Site

The lack of power and telephone line is no longer an obstacle on construction sites. Wire free CCTV and alarms can now provide security 24/7.

Manned Guarding

Use of SIA Registered guards provide round the clock security or just timed security. Manned guarding on its own or combined with CCTV provides the ultimate security solution.