Cutting Edge Facilities


‘Score on the Door’ has become the benchmark for  Restaurants and often decides the success or otherwise of the establishment.

Cutting Edge Facilities recognise that the Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning is not the only Criteria used to assess the Score on the Door rating but it is without doubt the most important.

There are clear guidelines about the regularity of the deep cleaning and the observance of these guidelines is key to the Hygiene Rating as well as the effect on Insurance requirements.

A laminated Certificate is provided at the completion of the Kitchen Deep Clean for your and the Insurance Company’s record

Cutting Edge Facilities’ experienced teams are able to meet the exacting Kitchen Cleaning Standards whilst recognising the need to avoid interfering with the day to day food production.

In these challenging times customer retention is critical whilst attracting new business relies on reputation which is always enhanced by a good Score on the Door.

Get a free quotation for the Deep Cleaning of your establishment which will clearly describe the work and costs necessary to bring your kitchen to an approved standard and also the cost, if required, to meet the approved cleaning guideline time scale.