Cutting Edge Facilities

Ducts / Extraction Systems

The cleaning of the Ducts and Extraction Systems is essential to not only reduce the fire risks associated with th build up of grease but also ensure the provision of a clean air environment.

Kitchen Extract Systems are difficult to access

Cleaning of the Ductwork is a priority to satisfy legal requirements and should be undertaken once every two years.

Example of the accumulation of dirt and grease and the difference after a professional duct clean.

The law requires that a nominated responsible person undertakes a Health and Safety Risk Assessment every year paying particular attention to risks such as fires be which should be minimised or removed where possible.

Where these risks are identified most Insurance Companies have inserted clauses to require the cleaning of the system by specialist cleaning companies.

It is essential that access to all parts of the extraction system is available via access points.

If lack of access would prevent a full system clean then Cutting Edge  would highlight such omissions and can provide a quotation for the installation of legally required access panels.

Cleaning includes, but is not restricted to Ducts, Risers, Fan Housing.


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