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Care Homes

The standard of hygiene cleaning in Care Homes is critical given the more demanding needs of the residents whilst not forgetting the health and welfare of the staff.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and cleaning will take place at a time most convenient to the Care Home whether during the day or even at night without additional cost.

Canopies, Plenum Chambers and Filters are always less accessible and require specialist attention.

Cutting Edge Facilities can provide a quotation to clearly illustrate the degree and extent of the hygiene cleaning as well as agreed times and the costs.

Recommended Regulation intervals for Deep Cleaning of Kitchens is as follows:

Use Hours / Day Deep Clean
Light Use 1 – 4 hours 12 Monthly
Medium Use 5 – 8 hours 6 Monthly

The unique requirements of Care Homes is recognised by Cutting Edge Facilities whereby sensitivity is allied to our professional team’s dedication to quality.



A quality provider of services

Cutting Edge is a quality provider of services particularly when we have an urgent requirement on a number of our projects.