Cutting Edge Facilities

Canopy Cleaning

These areas are probably the most difficult to reach and clean and as such can be neglected unless specifically tasked by a specialist cleaning company.

Cutting Edge canopy deep clean includes the canopy, plenum chamber and the filters.

Plenum Chambers

Are designed to trap and hold the grease emitted from the kitchen equipment.

Potentially the most difficult to clean and work on given its shape, high position and amount of trapped grease.

It is essential that only technicians trained and properly equipped are used to achieve the standards demanded.

There are no degrees of cleaning.  It’s either clean or it isn’t.


Are often fitted above the cookers and fryers in front of the plenum chambers to deal with the grease emissions and should be cleaned regularly to remain effective.

Whilst staff may be able to clean the filters they are invariably fitted above a safe height preventing easy access as well as the dangers created by the use of caustic chemicals and hot water.